Ci-esse, leader for laser melting

Concept Laser
In December 2012, CI-ESSE installed a new M2 Concept Laser, with a 400 Watt laser. The machinery, produced in Germany, is the third one that CI-ESSE has introduced in the machine shop with the aim of producing metal components by Laser Melting. With this latest purchase, CI-ESSE has become the Italian firm with the biggest productive capacity in the arena of additive manufacturing, and specifically laser melting, aimed at the production of metal parts.
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A new era for precision mechanics

The synergy of additive technologies and machining techniques is a new way to think about the production of metal components. On one hand, additive manufacturing technologies make it possible to create complex geometries which would be unfeasible using machining techniques only; on the other hand, machining techniques assure the dimensional tolerances and the surface rugosity which are tyically required in the production of high-precision parts.
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CI-ESSE and Scuola Sant’Anna

CI-ESSE is one of the technological partners of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa. On behalf of the BioRobotics Institute, the company builds the titanium components of a hand exoskeleton directed to the recovery of hand function after stroke and other disabilities. The components were made by Laser Melting. The collaboration is part of the European project WAY (Wearable interfaces for hAnd recovery function, FP7-ICT-288551).
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