The testing department has three main objectives: to verify that supplied materials (raw or semi-finished) comply with quality standards; to support departments involved in the production process of mechanical components and to test finished parts, providing all certifications that a given client requires.

Along with the deparment for dimensional controls which counts around 1,400 instruments, CI-ESSE has installed a metallurgical laboratory, supplying the company’s additive manufacturing department with important information or findings as well as guaranteeing all necessary metallurgic certifications upon product delivery.

Metallurgical lab

CI-ESSE samples e monitors the lots of powder, when reiceved by external suppliers, and during the production process (e.g. after the sieving cycles) as to guarantee the conformity to standards (ASTM e ISO) and to customers’ specifications.

The key parameters are:

  1. Morphology
  2. Granulometric distribution
  3. Powder flow
  4. Optical microscopy

The objective of sampling and re-sampling activities is to define a control plan for raw materials which defines, for each relevant parameter, ranges of acceptable values e which allows defining the internal procedures for powder handling.


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Dimensional controls

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